How Bias Influences Critical Thinking

Topics: Nutrition, Critical thinking, Ethics of eating meat Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: September 30, 2012
How Bias Influences Critical Thinking
Kristen Taylor
Ashok Nirmel

I have been a vegetarian for over four years. The two most common questions I get when I tell people this is, “What do you eat?” and “Why?” The first question makes me laugh every time because it amazes me how many people think that meat is so involved in food. Normally my response is “give me an example of what you eat in a given day”. They tell me and in most cases there might be some type of meat at lunch and dinner. So I reply to that and tell them what I would replace in there meal to make it vegetarian. The second question of why is normally were my argument begins. I first tell them that I was raised on a farm and we butchered our own animals for food so I was raised in an environment like that it never bothered me. Four years ago though I was getting ready one morning and had the news on. One of stories showed an undercover video of the treatment of downer cows before slaughter. The video was appalling and that was day that I changed my way of eating. Since then I have learned the health benefits of this lifestyle of eating. The argument that normally ensues is the health benefits. For years we have all been taught that we need to eat from the four food groups’ grains, protein, dairy, and fruits and vegetables. While this is partially correct most people associate protein to meat and animal products, what people either do not realize or do not know is that we can get our protein in many other sources such as vegetables and grains. I desperately try to tell people how unhealthy meat and dairy are for people and that we are not designed to eat animal protein. Our bodies are not made to process like a true carnivore. This argument happens often with my meat eating friends. This type of bias is belief bias. I strongly believe in this and no one is going to change my mind. I know what the conclusions are when someone eats meat and I know what the...
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