How Babies Are Made Book Report

Topics: Reproduction, Mammal, Sex Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Book Report
In the book How Babies Are Made by Andrew C. Andry, it shows how different organisms reproduce; the book starts off by introducing how flowers give offspring. It tells the reader that “plants begin with many eggs that are hidden”, this informs us that like humans plants also contain eggs. Then such as female mammal the flower contains ovaries which are located where the petals join the stem. The pollen is delivered by a bee and it grows a long tube that enters the eggs. This is the plants type of fertilization. Then the seed will fall into the ground where it will grow into another flower. Plants have pollen and eggs; however mammals have eggs and sperm. The sperm comes from the male animal and the sperm has a head and a tail. Then there is a chicken and a rooster, together they make a baby chick. Then the eggs that are not fertilized become eggs that most people see on their plates. We see pair of dogs and it explains that the male dog has two scrota, and “a tube called a penis”(46) , the penis is what is used during reproduction. The male mounts the female and releases his sperm. Then the egg is fertilized and in eight to nine weeks a puppy is born. The female produces milk in her mammary glands and feeds the puppies. Then finally we see how two humans have a baby. The woman has ovaries and every 28 days an egg is realized travels down its fallopian tube. The man has sperm in his penis and with the penis he enters the woman’s vagina and then the man releases his sperm into the vagina. Then the egg is fertilized and travels down into the woman’s uterus. Then in a couple of weeks the baby starts to form and then after nine months a child is born. The females body helps deliver the baby through the vagina. Then the umbilical cord is removed. Just like the puppies the child receives milk from the mothers mammary glands and it receives milk. Then this showed how families are formed.

The way that the authors shows the reader how children are...
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