How Art Can Change the World

Topics: Thought, Psychology, Art Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: April 15, 2013
When I read the article “Serious Pleasure in the Role of Arts (p312).” It changed my perspective on art and made me realize that art can be both dangerous, and pleasurable. As you can see in the famous photo above, Plato is pointing to the heavens while Aristotle is pointing towards matter. The reason why Plato is pointing towards the heavens is because of ideas, and how they are everlasting; for example 2+2= 4 and if the world were to blow up, that idea would still be the same. The reason why Plato states that art is dangerous is because certain things are engaged through our senses, and they obscure our ability to think rationale. An example of how art can be dangerous is the 2012 Aurora shootings in Colorado, which is an incident that caused the death of 12 people and 58 injuries. The shooting were influenced by the “Dark Knight Rises” which is a Batman movie that was released in 2012. This shows us how art can be dangerous because the movie made the shooter kill those people, if the shooter had not seen the movie; then he would have thought in a rationale manner and wouldn’t dressed up as the villain and brought a gun to the movie theatres. Aristotle, on the other spectrum when considering art is that it’s pleasurable. Aristotle was against Plato’s philosophies and says “The world is made of material objects (art); and is a part of human experience. We need to engage with art through our senses and through our emotions to understand what it means to be human.” Aristotle says art is pleasurable it allows you to engage through your senses and can be associated with emotions. For example, poetry and how it can be attached with many feelings; like love, happiness and friendship. An example of how art is good in the modern world is through songs; music is like a drug and can alter ones state of mind. If one is angry or mad and listens to a calming music they will become at ease and their mind and body will become relaxed. Plato and Aristotle agreed to...
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