How Are Minority Groups Represented in Film and Television?

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  • Published : October 16, 2008
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In this essay I am going to focus on how minority groups are represented in film and television. I would also like to look at how bollywood films have been infiltrated by western culture. Also how the media and their representations have changed over the years.

I will be commenting on these films/programs: East is East; Love + Hate; Goodness Gracious Me; Life on Mars; bollywood films and maybe some soaps.

40 years ago black and Asian people were never seen on screen, it was white dominated. During the 80’s they trickled onto T.V but still never had priority roles, always minority roles such as people in the backgrounds or as robbers. Asian people were stereotyped as: corner shop owners; taxi drivers; restaurant owners (post 9/11). Black people were stereo typed as gangsters; thugs; druggies; people who always carry knives or guns. They were seen to be of a ‘lower class’ than white people. Over the last 15-20 years they have had more lasting roles but still not ant prominent (if there are any I can’t think of any at the moment).

The media have been impoliticly. They have fuelled our thinking of Asian stereotypes post 9/11 and after, and black stereotypes after many shootings that were targeted at black people. There is no doubt that the media has added to a recent stereotyped view about race and culture.

On September 11th 2001, one thing happened that would change everyone’s perceptions of Asian people: suicide bombers crashed into the twin towers (in America, New York), causing total devastation and hatred between white and Asian communities. After that Asian people were labelled as terrorists, suicide bombers, being stopped by police just because they were Asian. On 7th July 2005 another attack happened but this time in London. 7 main stations were bombed in London and a bus which just fuelled the hatred for Asian people. There were a series of shootings and stabbings aimed at black people and they were killed. The media attacked it and made people...
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