How Are Memorable Characters Created in the Kite Runner?

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  • Published : November 9, 2011
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The Kite Runner, which is incidentally written in the retrospective first person narrative, follows the protagonist Amir as he travels on a journey of innocence and innocuous naivety towards redemption and enlightenment, this writing style is often known as ‘bildungsroman’- a novel written about the turbulences of coming of age. Hosseini creates both remarkable and unforgettable characters throughout the novels opening five chapters and Hosseini contributes vast amount of emotional depth (presumably drawn from his own experience) to each individual character. This is the focal point of much speculation amongst critics who have individually clashed over the true personality traits of the characters. I will be exploring the use of Hosseini style, technique and language in respect of three characters and how Hosseini forms the aspects that are so remarkable about them and how they remain crucial to the novel as a whole.

Both Amir’s innocence and naivety is best demonstrated through the novels second chapter, Amir is at his youngest age within this chapter and this is reflected through the peaceful, idyllic scenery in which Hassan, Amir’s best friend and which themes such as loyalty, justice and friendship are translated through, and Amir play within. As Amir reminisces about how they used to ‘climb the poplar trees’ with their ‘trouser pockets filled with dried mulberries’ we sense Amir is in the perfect picture of childhood innocence and the opening paragraph conjures up the sense of freedom and ultimate childhood spirit. This picturesque childhood of Amir’s is made complete by ‘the most beautiful house in the Wazir Khan district’ Amir’s boastful disposition and elaborate upbringing are now apparent. A Marxist view would state that young Amir does nothing more than revel is his wealth oblivious to the ‘modest little hut’ Hassan and his father Baba live in. Amir’s romanticized view of life along with this Marxist reading would convey that Amir is comfortable...
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