How Americas Changed Physically, Socially, and Politically Since 1787

Topics: United States, United States Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Comprehensive Essay
In the essay I will explain how Americas changed physically, socially, and politically since 1787. In paragraph two I will talk about how Americas changed physically. In paragraph three I will talk about how Americas changed socially. In paragraph four I will talk about how Americas changed politically. Than in paragraph five I will go over all of the important things that I have covered in the previous paragraphs. So let’s get started in 1787 as a small but confident country. Our country, America, has changed physically so much since 1787. America has adopted lands all over, especially from the west. The Texas Revolution was the revolt of Texans towards the Mexico for their independence. The Louisiana Purchase was when Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from Napoleon, which doubled America’s size. The Mexicana American War when the U.S attacked the Mexicans for New Mexico and California. The Manifest Destiny was the belief that America would spread “from sea to shining sea.” The Gadsden Purchase was when Mexico sold New Mexico and Arizona for $10 million to America. Florida another state we got from Mexico which included a good port. Lastly, the Indian Removal Act was an act that called for the government to negotiate treaties that would require Native Americans to relocate west. Just these few purchases, acts, and wars gave us all of America that we have today. America has also changed socially in many ways since 1787. In 1787 America’s population was very small compared to what it is in 1860; western cities in about 1860 would include 1,883 through 56,802 people. To vote you had to be a man, white, and own land, but now you only had to be a white man. The Alien and Sedition Acts were targeted for aliens or immigrants that were not citizens yet and made it harder to become a citizen. The War of 1812 was really the last war for American independence and separation from the British. There was no true winner because the war...
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