How American Children Packed on the Pounds

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Health Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Obesity is a terrible illness in children that provokes many problems in their lives. This problem is very common and some people think that is not important for us, but we need to take care of that. Children who are overweight in the future they will have more problems than the ones they can imagine. Obesity can provoke many problems in children if the parents do not take care of the feeding of them. This problem has solutions, but we need work on that. A recent article by Jeffrey Kluger describes why American children are most obese than the adult people. Obese boys and girls are already starting to develop the illnesses of excess associated with people in their forties and beyond: heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, vision problems and in some cases lower IQs. Type two diabetes is now being diagnosed in teens as young fifteen. This is bad for our future. The health experts warn that the current generation of children may be the first in America history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This article suggests that since American people no longer have to physically work for their food, they are not burning the calories that they consume. Their children follow their eating patterns.

Exercise is an excellent way to have good health and good shape. With exercise you help your body to lose weight but, you need to be constant. A good routine of exercise will help you to be average weight. The best option to lower weight with exercise is in a gym because you have more options of exercise, and you have the opportunity to choose the routine of exercise that you like more. In addition, a trainer can help you to select the routine that has the best characteristics to help you to get a good shape. A final very important solution for this problem is a nutritional diet. The base of any diet is the decrease of the number of calories that we ingest. Some food has a lot of calories like candies. The most recommended food to lower...
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