How Advertisers Target Teen Girls

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  • Published : December 9, 2005
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Girls just want to have fun. All girls of all ages share this desire, but especially teenage hoydens who have few responsibilities. Advertisers are quite aware of this, and use this fact when attempting to sell a product to them. The advertisers use bright imagery, suggestive poses, and even words to speak to a young female. Three carefully chosen advertisements target every fashionable teenage girl's deepest wish; stylish accessories, the latest foot wear, and of course a shot of caffeine to keep the fun going. These advertisements were pulled from TeenVogue Magazine, a magazine for younger people who are interested in fashion.

The first product advertised is a "LeSportsac" handbag. The small, rectangular handbag is the center focus of the page. It has an array of colorful airbrushed flowers and stars against a dusty-green, brushed canvas material. The design is much similar to graffiti. On the left of the handbag's handle is a chrome chain with various charms attached. Also, the handbag appears to be set on a gathered vinyl surface that fades from lime green to rich plum. At the bottom of the page is the name of the product's design company, "LeSportsac," in a white, bold font. The word "REMIX" is directly below "LeSportsac" in right-aligned font, and is also white. Along the left side of the advertisement, near the binding, is the name of the design, the price, and the name of the fabric pattern, a list of stores, a number, and a website.

The LeSportsac handbag advertisement is obviously targeting fashion conscious teenage females. The advertisers know that every outfit is only complete with the proper accessories. Placing the handbag in the center of the page solo, gives the product complete focus by the reader. Also, the gathered vinyl draws the eye to the product. The brilliant colors of the fabric pattern stand out from the other articles of the magazine. It would seem that the vivid color also makes the handbag more attractive to...
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