How Advertisers Lure Us in

Topics: Appeal, Marketing, Want Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: April 23, 2013
How They Lure Us In

Advertisers use many different ways of selling products to us; they tug on our deep-lying desires, the things that we yearn for; advertisers know this and they live on flirting with this concept and that is how the money is made and how we end up with shelves full of products that we probably don’t even need. Jib Fowles describes in his article fifteen ways advertisers appeal to their audience; how they stereotype their audience and so on. I have analyzed an issue of Allure magazine (which is a beauty/fashion magazine) and I have found a pattern of appeals that stand out- the need for attention, the need to achieve, the need to feel safe and the need for guidance; these appeals are common to find in beauty magazines; I will be breaking down these appeals to go over in more detail throughout this essay. The need for attention was the first appeal that I noticed in the Allure magazine; in fact, the ads in this magazine practically scream “Look at me!!” Which seems to make sense; according to Fowles the need for attention is the need to be looked at; the clothing and cosmetic industries thrive on this type advertisement, which obviously works well when selling merchandise to women. For instance in an ad for Maybelline Tattoo Metal Eye shadow the first thing that I noticed was the models eyes; they stood out very well and they sure do seem to be begging for attention. Another example to prove that this appeal is working hard in this magazine is an ad for Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream; the ad has a flawless looking face that almost takes up the whole page; of course, the ad is going for attention to the beautiful skin that their product will be able to give you; another way ads like the following could scream attention would be to have a face with a giant zit on it, but nobodies looking for that type of attention. The need to achieve is the second...
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