How Action Unfolds in the Visit and a Streetcar Named Desire

Topics: English-language films, Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: April 9, 2008
Compare and discuss how the action unfolds in two or three plays you have studied, paying attention to the sequence of particular scenes. How effective do you find the arrangement to be in each play as a whole.

Keyword: How the Action Unfolds

Thesis Statement:
The arrangement of action scenes are in such a way where the play has several semi-climatic scenes which keeps the audience’s attention and advances the plot as well as characterize the characters in the play.

The Visit:
Claire’s arrival at Guellen by pulling the emergency brakes of train. •Claire’s speech and declaration of the 1 million bounty for Ill being dead in the Golden Apostle •Ill’s talk with the policeman about him feeling uneasy with the sudden rise of standard of living •Mayor offering Ill to kill himself

Final trial scene and murder of Ill (Final climax)

Blanche and Stella’s first reunion, and Blanche rants about her life •Stanley and Blanche collides for the first time, after Stanley suspected Blanche of cheating and confronts her. •The Poker Game, and the aftermath in which Stella ran away to Eunice’s •Stanley confronting Stella about Blanche staying too long •Stella , Blanche and Stanley argueing right before Stella is going to deliver her baby. •Blanche and Stanley’s confrontation leading to her getting raped (Final climax)

Action unfolds in a similar way:
oVisit: Claire’s sudden arrival before planned time by pulling emergency brake oStreetcar: Blanche coming and then breaking down to Stella •Arrangement such in a way so that the mini climax in which the ‘purpose’ of the whole play will be about is presented fairly early in the play: oVisit: Claire’s announcement of bounty for Ill

oStreetcar: Stanley and Blanche’s first confrontation that early, shows how they cannot work together
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