How Accurate Is the View That the Civil Rights Movement Was Very Successful in the Period 1957-1965?

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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How accurate is the view that the civil rights movement was very successful in the period 1957-1965? The period of 1957 – 1965 was both a lively, and a stagnant time for the civil rights movement, with many protests coming to action like the Greensboro Sit Ins, which made large progress to desegregation and equality for black people. Success from these protests, however, came later in this period as momentum in the civil rights groups was being built. Yet, this time for the civil rights movement was not all a success, with operations such as the Albany campaign causing more failure than success due to the strategic planning from strong southern racists. The Freedom Rides of the early 1960’s, and particularly the Freedom Rides of 1961, became a success for the Civil Rights movement in the period of 1957 – 1965. CORE undertook a new tactic aimed at desegregation public transport throughout the south, which acquired the name of the Freedom Rides. It started on May 4th, 1961 when seven black people, and seven white people, left Washington DC on two public buses to the Deep South. They wanted to test Boynton V Virginia which declared that segregation in interstate bus and rail stations was ‘unconstitutional’. At first, there were only minor encounters with racists, but the further south they went, the worse it became. In the second week, the riders were severely beaten, and in Alabama, one of the buses was firebombed. On the arrival to Montgomery, the riders were savagely attacked by over one thousand whites. These brutal encounters caught media attention, and caused a national outcry to support the riders and end the violence. There was massive pressure on Kennedy due to the Freedom Rides to end segregation, and many other freedom rides were created in reaction to this, which led to protests similar to this in airports and railways. This new found sympathy that these riders had obtained through the media was a great success for the Civil Rights Movement. The...
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