How Accurate Is It to Say That the Lend Lease Programme Was the Most Important Reason for the Ussr's Victory in the Second World War?

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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How accurate is it to say that the lend lease programme was the most important reason for the USSR’s victory in the Second World War? Lend lease was not the most important reason that helped the USSR’s victory. It was more of a contribution that provided the Russians with the edge that helped them achieve victory. The USSR’s were managing well with their industry been well equipped to fight the war. All the factories were been converted from domestic goods and consumer goods into production of arms and machinery for the army. The Lend lease programme was initially only providing Britain and then later on started providing for Russia. It wasn’t there to support Russia from the very beginning, showing that Russia was managing to survive without its support. Lend lease biggest contribution to the USSR’s would have probably been the millions of tonnes of food that was send across. Especially the spam that was provided for the red army as that is claimed to help them gain victory. Lend lease was down played by Stalin at the end of the war and wasn’t given much significance. The USSR was producing most of its own tanks and aircraft which were more effective than the tanks that were built in the west. The USSR was pretty efficient in fighting the war and as Stalin had put measures into place to ensure the survival. Stalin had made sure that there was a strong focus on heavy industry. This meant changing all the domestic factories into factories geared towards the war. Women, children and the elderly were all drafted into factories to release the men to go and fight the war. In total about 16% of the population for conscripted into the armed forces. The soviet industrial production had increased from 73,000 to 82,000 of tanks and aircrafts been produced. However other areas such as consumer goods were abandoned and the constant bombardment of bombs led to the spread of disease which was not aided by the government. The Lend lease programme provided The USSR with vital...
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