How Accurate Is It to Say That Lenin’s Leadership Was the Most Important Reason for the Bolsheviks’ Success in the Revolution of November 1917?

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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How accurate is it to say that Lenin’s leadership was the most important reason for the Bolsheviks’ success in the revolution of November 1917?

Prior to Lenin’s return the Bolsheviks had little support as they were an illegal organisation hunted down by the secret police. They welcomed the February Revolution, the provisional government and the Petrograd soviet. However upon Lenin’s return he gave a speech suggesting that the provisional government were bad and an immediate social revolution must be achieved. This contradicted Bolshevik views. Lenin wanted the Bolsheviks to lead the revolution, so it was vital that he won their support. Lenin’s main ideas ‘Peace, Land and Bread’ and ‘All Power to the Soviet’ were designed to gain support for the Bolsheviks, whilst expressing dislike for the war and the provisional government. 21st April was Lenin’s first attempt to seize power, despite his efforts there were only a small number of demonstrators who were stopped by the police. Lenin continued to try and overthrow the provisional government in following months. The June Offensive was against the renewed fighting in the war, this failed to gain any support. Lenin’s attempts to overthrow the government had been unsuccessful.

The July Days was a turning point in the power of the Bolsheviks. What was supposed to be a concert for those leaving on the front became an anti-government rally. Despite the thousands of demonstrators against the provisional government, the Bolsheviks eventually had to call off the demonstrations. They probably failed due to the lack of direction and leadership. The July days were a momentary lapse in Bolshevik power. It was Lenin’s idea use demonstrations to overthrow the provisional government. Not only had his idea failed, but he had united provisional government and the soviet against the Bolsheviks. Any power the Bolsheviks once had was gone. Lenin was labelled as a traitor and fled Petrograd.

Lenin had only caused more trouble...
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