How Accountability Ties Into the Army Values

Topics: Sergeant, Non-commissioned officer, Staff Sergeant Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: January 18, 2011
How it pertains to the Chain of Command:
Soldier accountability is the one of the main responsibilities of the leadership in the Army. Whether it comes from the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) support channel or from the actual chain of command. The NCO support channel plays the biggest role in the accountability process. During any type of formation you will notice that the process starts with team leaders ensuring their team is all present passing the information through the squad leader to the platoon sergeant. At this point the platoon sergeant will pass the information along to the platoon leader and company first sergeant. The company first sergeant will then pass the information along to the company commander. At this point if there is anyone not present the NCO’s responsibility would be to report why the soldier is not present and where the soldier is. If at any point a soldier can not be accounted for, the whole support channel and chain of command will start the location process. Soldiers have to be accounted for at all times and passed up through higher commands to ensure all soldiers are present or accounted for. In the modern army and world we have seen the importance of accountability. Within the Army we see more and more these days of missions or deployments coming down at the last minute. If for some reason soldiers are not accounted for could delay the mission or deployment. So even if a soldier may not be physically present but still be accounted for to the point that if an emergency situation would happen the soldiers still need to be located or contact made with them in one way or another. In the modern world it makes even more important to have accountability. Due to the issue that soldiers aren’t and can’t be expected to remain on the installation at all times makes it even more important. There have been many incidents where a natural disaster has happened, major accidents have happened, and the growing cause of possible terror attacks....
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