Hovering Parents

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Danny Spitters
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Mrs. Thomas

Hovering Parents

An occurring epidemic has entered into the relationships between parents and their young adult children. These children have greater parental attention than any generation before and these children are known as the “millennial children”. Millennial children are those that were born between (1982-2000) and their parents are part of the baby boomer generation. The issue occurring within these relationships is that these parents are emotionally supporting these children, which in turn ends up crippling these young adults. Even though parents who choose to financially support and emotionally support their adult children have the best intentions, their actions however, give little opportunity for adult children to learn and grow from experience. Unfortunately, parents that chose to financially support their young adult children are in fact crippling that child’s chance of individual success.

Highly involved parents have adopted a name for themselves known as “helicopter parents.” Kathleen Elliott Vinson, a professor of legal writing and director of the legal practice skills program at Suffolk University Law School says, “Helicopter parenting is a term used to describe a phenomenon of a growing number of parents, obsessed with their childrens’ success and safety, who vigilantly hover over them, sheltering them from mistakes, disappointment, or risks, insulating them from the world around them” (2). Furthermore, an even more damaging parenting strategy is micromanaging. Parents may have the best intentions while micromanaging their children, however, this is a very damaging effect for young adult children.

Parents cripple children by micromanaging them throughout high school and into college. This is a very crucial time for a young adult, because it gives them a chance to take charge of their own life, but when “hovering” occurs this could disrupt a child’s individuality. According...
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