Housekeeping in Hotels: Personnel Turnover, Cultural Diversity, and Safety and Security.

Topics: Employment, Hotel, Workplace wellness Pages: 11 (3766 words) Published: August 21, 2012
1. Executive Summary.
Housekeeping department is extremely important to any hotels. Housekeeping staff play significant roles as well. That is why you need to minimized personal turnover by monetary and non-monetary bonuses, trainings, good schedule, etc. As an option, you may do it by achieving cultural diversity at that particular department. Also cultural diversity will benefit your organization by different ideas from employees with different background. You could satisfy customers from any country or area. As well minimized absenteeism improves employee’s knowledge of their duty. So it will make them understand the importance of safety and security management of the hotel. Good-natured and well-trained employees will benefit your company definitely.

2. Introduction.
Unfortunately, the housekeeping area is one of the least admired in a hotel. This is due to the “back-of-house” nature of the operation. It involves a series of physically demanding tasks, and very little contact with customers, other than cleaning up the “mess” that they leave behind. It is seen as low skill, low pay occupation, comprising largely repetitive tasks. It is also one of the most important areas of any hotel and is fundamental to successful operations. The cleanliness of a room remains one of the few basics that can make or break a guest’s willingness to return to the hotel. There is little doubt that while a clean room will not necessarily make an immediate impact on a guest, a dirty room certainly will. Housekeeping employees have a direct influence on perceived service quality and word-of-mouth recommendations. That is why you, as an employer, have to take care of your housekeeping employees to make them well trained, feel comfortably and enjoy working at your hotel. In this report, I am going to consider three questions related to good housekeeping operations: Personnel Turnover, Cultural Diversity, and Safety and Security.

3. Personnel Turnover.
The issue of unacceptable rates of labor turnover within the hospitality industry is a subject much considered by researchers, and features in every report or study conducted into the hospitality workforce characteristics or major challenges for worldwide. The Full Circle of Housekeeping Management (2009) stated that employee turnover in housekeeping departments may range from 2 to 15 percent per month, which at a minimum represents one-fourth of the staff each year. Although it is true that 90 percent of all turnovers occur in less than 10 percent of the housekeeping jobs, an analysis of causes is important (Appendices, Table 1). To hire and induct an employee into the department on Monday only to have him or her fail to report for work on Tuesday is an indication that hiring practices should be highly suspect. Major causative factors for employee turnover are: low pay, poor working hours and seeking better career opportunities elsewhere. Boella and Goss-Turner (2005) found that the cost of labor turnover, firstly, may be associated with Leaving, such as personnel administration, payroll administration or exit interviewing. Secondly, costs associated with Replacement, like direct cost such as advertising and recruitment, selection processes including administration of applications, shortlisting and interviewing, agency commissions if applicable. Thirdly, it might be costs associated with Transition – direct and indirect cost such as relief cover and overtime payments, training costs, low productivity during training, possible wastage during training and induction time. Fourthly, cost of indirect nature, such as management and supervisory time dedicated to the recruitment, selection and induction activities, and the potential loss in customer satisfaction and repeat business. To understand the certain reason, why employee is going to leave your company, you can do a survey. For example, some hotels and resorts have established an exit interview for employees who leave a position....
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