Housekeeping: External Laundry

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Assignment of Housekeeping

Topic: Internal Laundry vs. External Laundry
A laundry is one of the important places for the hotel. Some of the hotel will use internal laundry, some will use external laundry. What is the difference between internal and external? What is the advantages and disadvantages of them?

Laundry is including drying, washing and ironing, which are for the hotel to wash all the dirty staff. It has two different laundries, one is internal and one is external. The Internal laundry means the hotel have their own machine; they can wash in their hotel. It will cheaper then uses external laundry. The external laundry means the hotel didn’t have their own machine; they need to take the dirty staff to outside for wash. That will more expensive also.

As we know the different between internal and external, they also have their own advantages and disadvantages. For the advantages of the internal laundry, that is convenient for the staff, even are so many things need to wash, the need to do is just take to the laundry room and it will more save time also. In the low season, use their own machine also control the amount and reduce expenses. The disadvantages of this are need to buy the machines and take place in the hotel. The other things are capital increase, like employees, incidentals, etc. The cost of the maintenance also will increase.

For the advantages of the external laundry is no need to pay for the machines and the maintenance. Without the machines also can energy saving and reduce employees. The disadvantages are more expensive and take times for the transport. The laundry will without management.

Over all, both have their advantages and disadvantages, so how the hotel chooses between internal laundry or external laundry is depend on they are for long-term or short-term. If the hotel is for long-term, I will suggest using the internal laundry, because that will more convenient and will decline the cost. For the short-term, is...
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