Household and Renunciation

Topics: Buddhism, Gautama Buddha, Jainism Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Householding is referred to as the affairs of keeping and living with a family unit whereas Renunciation is giving up the family life and moving out for ascetic self-denial. From the readings of “Introduction: A brief history of religions in India” by Richard H. Davis, “Basic doctrines of Theravada” and “Mahayana Buddhism- The Bodhisattva” by Embree and “The Buddhist tradition” by Roy C. Amore and Julia Ching, we will be throwing more light on these two issues and talking about two religions: Jainism and Buddhism. The texts called Brahmanas devote themselves to the analysis and development of the rituals in detail, which provides a better picture of the Vedic culture. The idea behind the analysis and development is that the priest doesn’t perform only the action of sacrifice but also understands the inner meaning. The Aryankas and Upanishads took the sacrificial worldview into a new direction. Upanishads is a genre of sacred literature written in Sanskrit for the Hindus and was considered as the Culmination of the Vedas, its highest teaching. We learn about Yajnavalkya, who was a Brahman teacher in one of the earliest and most influential Upanishads who claimed to be more knowledgeable of all present in Vedic matters. He was the first person who talked about the concept of transmigration. It basically talked about how after death, a person comes back to the worldly life to live and die in a new moral form. This cycle of birth, death and rebirth is called ‘Samsara’. This concept raises two questions: 1) what determines a person’s status in the next birth? 2) Is there anything other than the concept of long lasting transmigration? With the rise of these questions, comes in the concept of ‘Karma’, which in the broad sense means action but in the Vedic text it means the sacrificial action. Its also been said that one’s actions in the present has an impact on their status in the next life. Now talking about another concept, which is the concept of ‘Moksha’, which...
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