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House Style for Physical Geography

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House Style for Physical Geography

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House Style for Physical Geography at Keele.
Updated 3rd September 2009, Peter G Knight

Introduction to House Style1
Status and Scope of Physical Geography House Style1
House Style Rules for Essays2
House Style Rules for Posters and Web Sites3
House Style Rules for Formal Correspondence4
House Style Rules for Other Assignments4
House Style Rules for Referencing5
If You Need Further Help or Advice About House Style Rules.8 References8

1. Introduction to House Style

Most organisations, such as businesses, professional associations or learned societies, use their own particular style of presentation for all of their published materials and other documents. This is known as the “House Style” of that organisation. The adoption and enforcement of a house style allows the organisation to ensure a high standard of presentation in all of its work, and to maintain a coherent and recognisable public face. For example, you will quickly recognise that different academic journals have different house styles, each requiring contributors to format their text, illustrations and references in a particular way. Many of you may take up careers with organisations that will require you to adopt their house style in your professional work, so an ability to follow house style rules is an important transferable skill that you will learn as part of your studies in Physical Geography at Keele. In the Keele context, enforcing a house style not only helps students to learn and practice basic skills of clear and correct communication, but also helps to preserve the anonymity of student work during assessment and allows examiners to more easily identify issues such as excess length in written submissions, further ensuring fairness and consistency in marking.

2. Status and Scope of Physical Geography House Style

Students are required to follow the Keele Physical Geography house style in all Physical Geography modules. This requirement will be made clear in the...

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