House on Mango Street for Boys and Girls

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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Logan Stepp revised on 10/13/11 English IX
Mrs. Rosett
Boys and Girls PG 8
“The boys and the girls live in separate worlds. The boys in their universe, and we in ours. My brothers for example. They’ve got plenty to say to me and Nenny inside the house. But outside they can’t be seen talking to girls. Carlos and Kiki are each other’s best friends…not ours.

Nenny is too young to be my friend. She’s just my sister and that was not my fault. You don’t pick your sisters, you just get them and sometimes they come like Nenny.
She can’t play with those Vargas kids or she’ll turn out just like them. And since she comes right after me, she is my responsibility.
Someday I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without my having to explain them. Until then I am a red balloon, a balloon tied to an anchor.”

Boys and girls
Reuven’s voice
Men and women have different thoughts about the other sex. The males have chosen to be what they enjoy most. My father and I for example. The females do what they enjoy best: food, dishes, washing clothes, and all the rest of the domestic chores. We have to keep ourselves away form the women in public. They are a bad influence. Danny and I are best friends. We socialize with people from the Hasidic synagogue or else he will be similar to them. I don’t want my father around me when I am with Danny, but he never leaves.

I can’t choose my parents, because they are the ones who gave me life. In the future I will be able to socialize with Danny without my father around. I will be able to tell him everything and then more. But right now I am a man who is stuck with everyone watching, and everyone to get away from.
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