House on Mango

Topics: English-language films, Hope, Future Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Have you ever been disappointed by high expectations? Although fulfilling said expectations might not be possible at the time, it is not reason to forfeit or throw in the towel; rather with enough effort these goals may be realized. The expectations set by Esperanza in Sandra Cisneros’s “The House on Mango Street” inevitably leads to disappointment; however fulfilling these dreams is still a possibility despite of its non-actuality. Esperanza lives out unfulfilling life disappointed by the uninspiring house she lives in, a worthless music box, and the dream of eating in the canteen. Esperanza had hoped for more, even believed in more than what she received; a shabby, broken-down house on Mango Street. The description of the house Esperanza’s parents provide does not go with the reality of the situation leading Esperanza to hope for something that cannot be. Esperanza is disappointed by the lack of stairs, the absence of a yard, the actuality that the house is not the picture perfect house as seen on TV. Although Esperanza is not happy with the house she lives in, she still hopes for a better future despite knowing that her goals will not be met for a very long period of time. Esperanza faces these unsatisfied dreams with hope still in her heart using the old decrepit house as inspiration to better her future. Additionally, Esperanza faces further disappointment when she visits the junk store and finds something of interest to her. Nenny, Esperanza’s little sister, spots a record player but is unaware of its nature. She discovers that it is a music box and Esperanza’s hopes immediately soar; she longs for a pretty box with flowers painted on the exterior, and a ballerina inside. This beautiful thought fades away as she discovers that the box is instead just a dusty record player with a brass record that has holes in it, which when played, sounds like a cacophony of moths. The hope she had been given was crushed. The canteen is her dream of eating lunch is not...
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