House of the Scorpion Essay

Topics: Learning, The Zombies, Feeling Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: October 4, 2012
We all grow up at some point in our lives, but when you are forced to make mature decisions before they have all the necessary skills can make your childhood unpleasant as well as difficult. Matteo Alacrán, a boy from the nation of Opium, was not brought into this world like the rest of us he was placed inside the womb of a cow, where he grew, until being cut out. This changed the way many people would look at him in his life. He was a clone to many until his world was turned upside down by “himself”. Growing up isn’t as easy as it sounds, when most people consider you to be a monster, however those people who see the true inner qualities of a person are the ones we should call friend.

Matt was raised in the middle of a poppy field, where he learned basic skills such as reading writing and talking. He was raised by his caregiver Celia; she loved him like he was her own. He left home with the Alacrán children, this is where he would be outcast and imprisoned before he could say hello. His only friend was Maria, because she was the only one who would talk to him even if he couldn’t talk back. “Matt was afraid of Steven and Emilia, but Maria was different. She was his size and didn’t make him feel bad” (32). They would learn each other’s ways and Maria would be the only one to give him essential care to grow.

Marias companionship leads to Matt regaining his ability to talk. But not before he meets El Patrón, an old man with many secrets. His life is now spent in a wheel chair with two body guards, Tam Lin and Daft Donald, to look after his wellbeing. Tam Lin is now Matt’s companion he takes him on adventures to the far-off land, one of which leading to the discovery of eejits. These are brain implanted, walking zombies so to say, who are programed to have no feelings, show no emotion, and/or work till exhaustion. “‘The man is dead. Heat or lack of water killed him. The cleanup crews at the end of the day will find him’” (78). Learning about troubles that you...
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