House of Payne: A Family Television Show Review

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Family Television Review
The comedy show that my family and I enjoy watching is House of Payne, which airs on TBS every Friday at 8pm. “The Paynes are three generations living under one roof. The story begins when CJ and his family move into the house of his aunt and uncle, a fact that no one is really happy about. CJ has two children, and his aunt and uncle have very different ideas about raising kids. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to the Paynes”. (,, 107846,00.html). The show is based off real life issues that everyday families experience such as, drug addiction, teen pregnancy, sex, marriage, morals and values, and most of all trust. As, a 23 year old, mother, student, wife, daughter etc, I was able to quickly relate to a few things in the show. This family did impact my life on what family really was because, I always have been the one to just think of my immediate (Mom, Dad, Brothers, Grandma) when I heard the word family. Now, that things have been introduced to me from different perspective, I am now able to fully understand what family is all about. I realize that when I have no one else to count on, that my family is the last hope I have, and also understand that sometimes I may have disagreements with relatives, but its ok because as long as there is communication, nothing is to hard to overcome, All of these things are key points that House of Payne focus on. After watching this show consistently, it has had a very positive impact on me, my family, my marriage and my ability to raise my children at such a young age. Although, these actors, and actresses are acting, they are real people and majority are related, such as the main characters, Cassi and Lavan Davis, who are husband and wife in real life. I enjoy watch the way the reveal each message because they all have a valuable lesson that I learn. This television series is a Christian based show, so I think that is the reason I enjoy...
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