House of Hope: Ethical Dilemmas

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Ethical code Pages: 7 (2380 words) Published: December 15, 2011
House of Hope (HH) is a residential group home that caters to both males and females with various issues. The children who come into placement at A House of Hope are in the care of the Department of Social Services (DSS) and/or the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). House of Hope is nestled into a community setting where client’s therapeutic services include: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and reality therapy with 1:1 sessions, group therapy, art therapy, and animal assisted therapy. The children within the facility either attend the local school or are on medical homebound education. HH is culturally sensitive environment that does not discriminate on any basis including: race, religion, and sex. The racial and ethnic makeup of the facility is 40% Caucasian, 40% African American and 20% other. The facility is licensed to treat males and females between the ages of 9 to 364 days after the age of 20 and tends to 1:3 ration of girls to boys. The organization employs: 4 administrative staff, 3 Masters Level licensed Mental Health Counselors, and 15 Direct Care Staff. All staff and clients are encouraged to uphold and display strong moral and ethical values. Informed consent and confidentiality are standards that are ensured by appropriate organizations. One of the most important aspects of House of Hope is its strong belief in its delivery of service in trying to make each individual better. The House of Hope (HH) program facilitate emotional healing and growth, physical health, basic education, restorative independent living skills, social and recreational functioning and vocational pursuit. For those served who are emotionally handicapped, the emphasis is on the restorative and/or establishment of competence. Services are offered to promote integration of children and families, when possible, into their communities in as normal a way as possible. We also strive to promote skill development, use of leisure time, community socialization and personal development. House of Hope strives to provide excellence and leadership in human services, to build its capacities and the capacities of others to enhance and promote nurturance through, ethics, moral values, professional standards, and legal guidelines. Generally an individual's morals define their sense of right and wrong and are instilled during childhood through a person's upbringing. An adult will teach one what is right and wrong or good and bad through a personal or religious code. While morals deal with issues of right versus wrong, ethics deal with issues of right versus right. Ethical dilemmas arise when morals are not enough to determine the best course of action because there is no way to satisfy all elements of a person's moral code. One counselor may morally prioritize confidentiality, while another may feel that beneficence, doing all possible good, is more important. A professional code of ethics removes an individual's moral responsibility to make these decisions and establishes an official set of guidelines for what is most right in right versus right dilemmas. Because morals are personal, a counselor may find that her moral code disagrees with the American Counseling Association's ethical code. When such a conflict arises, it is their duty to follow profession's standardized code over their own personal code. Within HH a sense doing what is morally right prevails and the ACA ethics code is the rule book. The ACA's ethical code includes instructions on the appropriate relationship between choices in other ethical dilemmas. Informed consent and confidentiality is not only important at a House of Hope but any counseling organization. The consent forms at HH include a financial agreement, a confidentiality agreement, and a permission to treat agreement. The House of Hope is licensed by the Department of Social Serves and recognized by the Council of Accreditation (COA). Due to being licensed by the state The House of Hope...
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