Hottie Hawg's Bbq Marketing Analysis

Topics: Truck, Barbecue, Cash Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Hottie Hawgs Smokin’ BBQ
Rudy Fakhoorian
Marketing 6800

I. Background
Hottie Hawg’s Smokin’ BBQ (HHBBQ) is the creation of two long-time best friends Eric Rybka and Kyle Vaughn back in 2008. Vaughn, a smart minded entrepreneur, and Rybka, a very knowledgeable man who had been in the catering business for over 25 years, together they decided to partner up and open up their own catering business.

Since Rybka knew Vaughn had a talent for cooking up Texas-style barbeque, together they decided to open up a barbeque catering business. In August of 2008 they bought a truck and a rolling kitchen and smoker trailer. Marketing and branding were very important for the two right from the start. They knew they wanted to incorporate hot women into their brand, very much like Hooter’s. By hiring hot women they were hoping to offend a lot of people to make the brand infamous.

After much thought Vaughn finally came up with the perfect name for their company which was Hottie Hawg’s Smokin’ BBQ. With such a name they knew they had to have a logo just as creative, and what they came up with was a seductive blonde pig in a strapless red dress with an eager look. They wrapped the trailer and truck with the name and logo and appropriately named them “The 18 Squeeler” and “Boss Hawg”. HHBBQ set themselves apart from other BBQ companies with their modern and sexy look.

Because Vaughn had traveled the country tasting all different kinds of BBQ sauces and was well read in the subject matter he had “the tongue” to come up with new distinct flavors of his own. Rybka, being the chef that he was came up with a sauce of his own as well. Together with their passion for BBQ, their entrepreneurial aspirations, and their 18 Squeeler and Boss Hawg, they hit the road to sell their unique brand of BBQ.

II. Problem Definition
The problem with HHBBQ is that they are a small time operation that is mainly done through their truck and trailer. The demand for their product and...
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