Hots Stimulation

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Final Assignment for the HOTS Simulation

Letter from GM2
Industry Environment3
Intended Strategy Selection4
Intended Pro-forma income statement from year 1 to year35
Realized Strategies and Deviations7
Realized P&L Statement from year 1 to year 310
SWOT Analysis10
Financial condition:12
Marketing strategies and effectiveness21
Physical property condition22
Impacts of decisions on human beings23
Cost Control24
Strategic Recommendation25
Pro-forma income statement of year 4 to year 626

Letter from GM
It is with my great honored to represent the Poseidon Hotel, and to introduce how the business of the hotel run over the past 3 year to all of you. It is a fact that through the past 3 year, the Poseidon Hotel was kept growing up steadily. No matter the good time or bad time, the hotel has shown the attention to every detail in order to protect the business. Reflecting of the understanding for the need to continuously evaluate and as a result, continuously re-evaluate is the manner for communicating to every one of our shareholders. This is, I believe, makes The Poseidon Hotel Group to be one of those best hotels within the town, even we are competing with other hotels. Through the progress of the past 3 years, the Poseidon Hotel has changed from a simple BBP style hotel to a more leisure style hotel, at the same time to expand the type of business and the classification of services. The hotel started from the basic – provide only Rooms and limited Food & Beverage, then progressively promoted the service through the installation of Car park, Lobby Bar, In-room Internet Access, Conference Room etc. The Hotel was trying their best to enhance guest satisfactions, and attract both travelers and businessman to come and stay. That’s the reason why I would say, the steadily development of the Hotel, is a reward of the job they did for the past 3 years, and a positive signal that the Hotel can develop to a World-Class Hotel in the near future. The Poseidon Hotel is a hotel that recognizes the need for competitive advantage and is not afraid for it. I believe that this kind of attitude has been implant to all employees, and will be performed to all guests who have chosen the Poseidon Hotel. The reports below are the simulation to the work we did over the past 3 years, and I would say this is the foundation stone for the Hotel to be success in the future. I hope that you can take this chance to be with us on the journey to review what we have done, and go on into the future, and being a part of us to witness the successful business of the Poseidon Hotel. Poseidon

General Manager
Poseidon Hotel

Industry Environment
Through the report of the US hospitality industry, it showed that the conditions have improved and budgets for business travel and conferences have increased, so it was estimated that the business service and the conference service would be very popular in the becoming years. The resort has become a popular location for conference, both in and out of season. The report also indicated the visitors stay in hotel during weekends normally not over 3 night, 11.3% visitors were stay in hotel once in last year, 1.7% visitors stayed in hotel three times in last year. For the weekdays the amount of the leisure visitors are more lower the weekends, normally is 0.8-4.6%, but for the business visits is 3.7% In addition, in the beginning of year 1, 7 hotels including Poseidon were not well-maintained, not refurbished and not replaced. Most of them were old hotels without proper facilities. Now

After three-year operation, it has been noticed that nowadays the guest focuses on qualities of services and facilities, they want to stay in a full service and more functional hotel, for example, they want the hotel can also include the entertainment function like spa, hair salon, fitness center, leisure club,...
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