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I. Traveling is a hobby which many people now enjoy. It is a hobby which is becoming more and more popular as people travel more each year. These days there are allot of ways to travel from place to place. Two of the most common are staying in a hotels and staying in a RV. There are two main differences between staying in a hotel and staying in a RV, cost and safety. They have more similarities.

II. In a class a motorhome or RV’s as most people call them now, they have luxurious features such as, bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, kitchens and living areas, televisions, some with DVD players. Most people enjoy the luxurious RV’s because it is like a home away from home. It is also a cheap way to take a vacation and travel from place to place. While staying in an RV they get the luxury of enjoying their own amenities weather than using someone else.

A. There are some of the same luxuries in staying in a hotel. Some hotels have one to two bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen or kitchettes, nice televisions, with internet access. Hotels may cost more to stay in than a RV, but they give people a since of security, While RV’s do not. Staying in a hotel while they are on vacation is also like a home away from home; they have everything that people will need in the hotel room. Staying in a hotel allows people to relax and enjoy the time away from their homes.

I. Staying in hotels, on the other hand differs from staying in an RV in terms of cost and safety. Unlike staying in a RV, staying in a hotel requires allot of more money. Hotels are one of the most comfortable ways of traveling, but only if you have enough money. By staying at a hotel people will spend much more money they would spend in a RV. In addition, a hotel provides a higher level of security to the traveler. Hotels require specific security details such as flight, credit...
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