Hotels: Management and Cinnamon Grand

Topics: Colombo, Management, Organizational culture Pages: 18 (4982 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction3
1.1Introduction of Cinnamon Grand Hotel3
1.2 Introduction of Galle Face Hotel4
2.0 The organizational structures5
2.1 The structure of Cinnamon Grand Hotel6
2.1.1 Chain of command7
2.1.2 Span of control7
2.1.3 Decision making8
2.1.4 The culture of Cinnamon Grand Hotel9
2.1.5 The analysis of effects on Cinnamon Grand’s structure and culture on the business performance10
2.2 The structure of Galle Face Hotel11
2.2.1 Chain of command12
2.2.2 Span of control12
2.2.3 Decision making13
2.2.4 The culture of Galle Face Hotel13
2.3 Similarities and differences between the two hotels13
2.3.1 Similarities and differences between Cinnamon Grand’s structure and Galle Face’s structure13
2.3.2 Similarities and differences between Cinnamon Grand’s culture and Gall Face’s culture14
2.4 Which is better?14
3.0 Individual behavior at work15
3.1 Perception15
3.2 Attitudes15
3.3 Personality16
3.3.1 Consequences of personality16
4.1What’s a job analysis?17
4.2 An advertisement of Cinnamon Grand Hotel to acquire the best individuals18
5.1Types of management approaches19
5.2 The management approaches used by Cinnamon Grand and Galle Face20
5.2.1 The scientific management elements and the two hotels20
5.2.2 Bureaucracy and the two hotels20
5.2.3 Human Relation approach and the two hotels20
5.2.4 Contingency theory21
5.3 Which is better?21
7.0 References24

1.0 Introduction
1.1Introduction of Cinnamon Grand Hotel
The Cinnamon Grand is the latest hotel to hit Colombo! Located in the heart of the Colombo city centre and just 35km away from Bandaranayke International airport, the Cinnamon Grand is Sri Lanka’s premier venue for the business and leisure traveler. Treat yourself to a world of indulgence in any of the hotel’s 501 guest rooms and suites; elegantly designed with thoughtful amenities and services to make your stay in Colombo a truly memorable one. What differentiates Cinnamon Grand from other Colombo hotels is the fact that it’s always the guests who call the shots-you decide what facilities you want in your room, you decide where you want to have your breakfast and you decide how you would like to be pampered. Rooms are luxurious and the restaurants serve up an electric mix of fine cuisine. Like to mix business and pleasure, the hotel has all the facilities required. All the 501 rooms and suites are individually temperature controlled and come with satellite TV, mini bar, an in-room safe, tea and coffee making facilities, high speed internet and voice mail. Executive Rooms: - designed for the discerning business traveler keeping comfort and connectivity in mind. The rooms feature a plasma screen with DVD, satellite TV and all other amenities to operate at your own pace, in your own space. Restaurants: - the London Grill, the Taprobane, the Lagoon and Tao caters to any clients menu.

1.2 Introduction of Galle Face Hotel
The Galle Face Hotel Colombo (Sri Lanka) is a landmark Heritage Hotel established in 1864, during the British Colonial Era. One of the finest, purpose built Hotels in South East Asia at that time. Location

Galle Face Hotel is located in the commercial city and in an elegant Galle Face Green promenade offering easy access to the area attractions and the business centers that are available in the surrounding area. Rooms

This hotel has spacious guestrooms that are furnished in an elegant Galle Face Hotel style along with all modern international facilities. All rooms and suites offer sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, the world-renowned Galle Face Green promenade or the colourful and bustling city. Restaurants

You can dine at on-site restaurant, which serves a wide range of delicious dishes to suit every taste and also sip your favorite drink. General
This Hotel has excellent conference facilities, which helps business travelers to organize meetings and events. The Galle Face...
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