Hotels Going Green

Topics: Environmentalism, Hotel, Hotel chains Pages: 9 (3665 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Ong Siang Chong
Temasek Polytechnic

This study seeks to find out the some of the benefits of hotels going green. Global warming is an uprising worldwide issue that can cause immeasurable destruction to mankind and the Earth. Environmentalists are encouraging corporations and companies to go green and this does not exclude the hotel industry. There is a rising trend of hotels going environmental friendly through the use of several green technologies and adoption of certain green strategies, undoubtedly benefitting these hotels. However, advantages and disadvantages come in a pair. Therefore, this study will reflect an analysis of pros and cons of hotels going green. Knowing that there are numerous factors to be considered in, however for the purpose of this report, only a certain prominent factors will be discussed.

Keywords: compact-fluorescent lamps, World Tourism Organisation, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

The Benefits Of Hotel Going Green
Tourism industry has become one of the most significant industries in contributing to the world economy. It has also acted as one of the main revenue sources for numerous countries around the world (UNWTO 2010). This has undoubtedly proves the importance of tourism industry to the world. However, the large and increasing scale of tourism has caused major negative environmental impacts to the Earth (Theobald, 1998; Bohdanowicz, 2005; Dodds, 2005; Graci, 2008). Immanuel William (2011) claimed that hotel industry is also viewed as one of the most waste-producing industries around the globe. The seriousness of the environmental degradation caused by hoteliers had made several hotel associations to urge hoteliers to go green. Hotel Associations such as International Hotel and Restaurant Association, the American Hotel and Lodging Association had set benchmark for hotels to go green so as to ensure hoteliers practicing eco-tourism (Bohdanowicz, 2005).

With rising awareness of global warming, it is forecasted that going green will be the top 3 luxury hotels trends in year 2011 with consumers getting more environmentally conscience (Melanie Nayer, 2011; Han, Hsu, & Sheu, 2010; Manaktola & Jauhari, 2007). Large hotel chains like The Inter-Continental Hotels Group and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts started using green technologies such as energy saving light bulbs and waste reducing machine to save operating costs, simultaneously saving the Earth.

Despite some of the commonly known long term benefits of going green for hotels (Kirk, 1995; Rivera, 2002a, 2002b; WWF IBLF, 2002; Graci, 2002; Gössling,2005; Bohdanowicz, 2005; Green Lodging News, 2008), many hoteliers in the world are still not being environmental friendly. This could be due to knowledge and benefits of going green are not brought across to the entire industry in an appropriate and impactful manner (Dodds, Graci, 2008). Therefore, this paper seeks to compare and explain hinders and benefits regarding green hotel development through analysis and usage of several best practices, to educate and provide readers with an insight of benefits by going green. Cost Control

Cost control is of supreme importance in every business, including hotel industry. Multiple researches have shown that going green is one of the best ways to save cost (Brown, 1994; Brown, 1996; Kirk, 1996; Cheyne and Barne, 2001; Essex and Hobson, 2001; Rivera, 2001, 2002b; Lynes and Dredge, 2003; Brebbia and Pineda, 2004; Gonzalez-Benito and Gonzalez-Benito, 2005). Through the advancement of technology, going green while saving cost was made possible. For example, compact-fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use three-quarter less energy than incandescent lamps and last 10 times longer, the savings accumulated to around $25 throughout the lifespan of a CFL (Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, 2008). Considering the number of lamps in a hotel, this figure could accumulate up to a huge...
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