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Project Submission Date:| 15/06/2012|
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Department:| Management Information Technology|

IT Project| HotelRez: Online Web Booking Engine|

Table of Contents

Title: Online CRS (Central Reservation System) with Web Booking Engine4
Business Overview4
Problem Statement/ Project Rationale5
Aims & Goals5
Proposed System6
Online Booking Module:7
Sub-Module: New Reservations7
Sub-Module: Confirmation8
Back Office Module:8
Sub-Module: Settings8
Sub-Module: Inventory Management8
Sub-Module: Reservations8
Sub-Module: Reports8
Technology Description9
PHP5 (Version 5.3.5)9
MySQL (version 5.5.8)9
HTML 5 & CSS2 & CSS39
JQuery 1.6.2 with Ajax9
Software Tools10
Integrated development Environment (IDE)10
Image Editing Software10
Server Software10
Word Processing, Analytical, and Planning Tools10
Other Support Tools10
Resource Audit10
System Development Methodology11
Waterfall Model11
ER Diagram12
Flowchart Login(Backoffice)13
MySQL Tables Structure14
Stored Procedures15
To fetch Availability15
To Fetch the Inventory16
To activate room Inventory from Php17
To modify Inventory calendar from Php18
‘tbl_year_default on insert to insert into inventory calendar19
‘tbl_year_default on update to update into inventory calendar21
‘tbl_room_detail ’ after insert to update availability in real time23
MySql Views25
To be used in a stored procedure to assist the queries25
Screen Captures27

Title: Online CRS (Central Reservation System) with Web Booking Engine Background
There are just over 46,000 hotels and Bed & Breakfast in the UK, and the hotel industry remains a significant sector of the economy, small size and budget hotels represents 38% of the total stock of the hotels in the UK (Trends & Statistics, 2008, British Hospitality Association). The big-brand names in hospitality industry have dedicated channels to market their hotels and combination of integrated systems to run the hotel operations smoothly such as CRS (Central reservation system), PMS (Property management system) & GDS (Global distribution system). Unlike big brands the small hotels such as bed & breakfast have very limited resources and heavily depend on third party channels to sell rooms and also use their web system to facilitate their online bookings. Further small hotels are not very keen to invest in dedicated systems to run central reservation system due to less ROI (return on investment). The third party accommodation channels (such as, laterooms etc) have served an important role in the online travel arena. In the years when search engines were only beginning (Google started in late '98) and hotels did not have the knowledge to sell their product and services properly online, third party channels were the necessary middle-man between the online booker and the accommodation provider, facilitating indirect booking and web reservation system. Their generally high commission charges were justified by the delivery of business but they are shifting hotel direct business away. Nowadays every hotel owns websites regardless of the size & resources of the hotel. If small size hotels provide their website with their own booking engine, the chances for capturing the direct business will increase resulting paying less commissions to third party agents, increase direct customer relations. Business Overview

The company is specialized in managing small size hotels. The company has number of independent hotels in UK suburban & Scotland. Hotels are not a part of any brand. Thus, each of the hotels works independently where no collaboration of functions is needed. The number of rooms property is having differs from 18 to 75 but all the properties...
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