Hotel Tour - the Evaluation

Topics: Hotel, Resort, Bed and breakfast Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: March 4, 2013
John Harvy Oreste Dantes
Remington Hotel is located near NAIA 3, beside the Resorts World Manila. The hotel is good but has some flaws that has a need to work on knowing the hotel is rated as 4-star. As a hotel, they must repair and maintain facilities as it is needed. But when we arrived to the hotel, one of their interior design is not functioning, which is a demerit for their hotel. And no personnel from the department of repair is fixing it. The hallway of the hotel is very simple, as a 4-star hotel, being classy yet elegant is a must, but then, we felt like we are in a dormitory as we walked through the hallway and corridors. The elevator is well functioning, the good thing about their elevator is their ving card system, where in a guest can only go to a certain floor where his/her room is located. The room is okay. I cannot say that is very good since it doesn’t has a mini bar which is one of the requirements of a guest room, also, the bathroom is not spacious, and it does not have a bath tub. Also, I did not saw their spa and gym, which I doubted they have as well as their convention halls. Their personnel are accommodating, good looking, and practice being hygienic. The female personnel’s hair are in bun, they wear a light make up, and proper uniform, while men personnel’s hair are properly trimmed, and they wear proper uniform. Another thing I am concerned with is their reception area is far from the doors of the hotel. Which I think will not work because the guests will still look for it instead of seeing it upon entering the hotel.

Resorts World Manila is such a very elegant, luxurious place for unwinding, relaxation, and of course, for entertainment. It is an all in one establishment. It has a casino, a lineup of first class bars and clubs, restaurants, and the Newport mall. But, there are some downsides. In order to enter the establishment, you must be 18 years old and above, or accompanied by an adult, you must have enough money to roam...
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