Hotel Security

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Hotel Security
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September 19, 2010
Patti Thomas

Hotel Security
When the physical safeties of hotel guest are concerned, the areas that come to mind are the indicial rooms, parking garages and elevators. Since the events of 911, the industry has elevated its goal for safety. There are other security issues important in a hotel, with regard to protecting a guest, maybe surveillance and security staff. Having trained individuals to be on high alert at all times while guests are enjoying themselves is important. With this department, even the other hotel staff can concentrate mainly on their responsibilities. Some of the staff members float around the hotel and other are reviewing the CCTV systems. Hotels have changed security in response to elevated terror alerts by increasing security staff. There has also been security teams placed at all entrances, loading docks and parking garages. Being especially attentive to unattended bags and the general area at all times has been another way that security has been heightened. Some international hotels have gone as far as installing metal detectors at the entrances. One new trend in hotel security is the interest in biometric locking systems. It’s design to recognize the individual by finger printing. This will allow the quest to gain entry into the hotel, as well as their individual rooms simply by their fingers. The use of magna strips are used now. This technique slims down the chances of intruder entry into the guest individual rooms. Once the room has been checked out, the combination used with the card, is reset. Most travelers leave valuables in their room to avoid taking belongings with them. There are some hotel rooms equip with safes to store their valuable. These resources give patrons the security of protecting their belongings and not endure the burden of lugging these things along and the potential of getting stolen while they are outside of the hotel.

The hotel...
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