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“Charles Goslin, Vice President of International Operations for Duos Technologies, Inc., is an international expert in security threat and risk assessment. He developed his extensive security experience as a veteran operations officer for 27 years with the Central Intelligence Agency. He is skilled in developing and executing programs targeting terrorism, espionage, weapons proliferation, and other select U.S. national security objective. He brings a unique, ground-level perspective to security challenges that can only come from a lifetime spent mitigating risk, in all its forms, while living and working abroad. His most recent assignment, before joining Duos, was as a senior advisor to the Regional Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) in the U.S. In addition to Mr. Goslin’s current work with international clients, he has authored professional articles and undertaken public speaking engagements regarding the evolution of physical security in the 21st century, and how it can better secure critical infrastructure for public and private enterprise.”

Duos Technologies, Inc.


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Duos Technologies, Inc.

Hotels are not designed with high-security in mind and, in normal times, they don’t need to be. They are built to accommodate the traveling public, and high-end resorts and facilities around the world have aesthetics and comfort, not security and safety, in mind. As diplomatic missions are hardened into virtual fortresses around the world, and airports scan every item the traveling public carries, from toenail clippers to toothpaste, it is almost axiomatic that terrorists focus their tactical planning increasingly towards the softer target. The most recent deadly terrorist attack in Mumbai, India are the latest in a growing trend of attacks on luxury hotels and resort facilities. Paradoxically, these attacks are not on just any hotel, or resort. They are hotels that cater to western diplomats, military personnel, or wealthy businessmen. The resorts are attractive targets because an aggregate of tourists can be found at these locations. If the nationality of the tourists corresponds to the target set on a terrorist’s agenda, they invite attack. Individuals in their own countries are relatively secure behind protected borders with vigilant border guards. Diplomats or on-duty military personnel are relatively safe in guarded compounds with thick, bomb-resistant walls. Off-duty or on vacation, when diplomats, soldiers, or tourists on holiday leave the security of their homes or workplaces, they become accessible targets and are acutely vulnerable to attack. That vulnerability, unfortunately, is passed on to the hotel or resort where they stay. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel before and after attack

Vulnerability: the “Maginot Line” Syndrome
An example of failed security tactics—designed to fight the last war—is France’s Maginot Line. This massive and expensive system of defenses was built to hold off a German invasion of France. The German tacticians, knowing it was impregnable, simply went around it. France fell, within weeks. Security practitioners in today’s hotel and resort industry have a tremendous challenge in considering all of the scenarios that might be used to compromise their facilities and jeopardize the safety of their guests. Unfortunately, the “Maginot Line” syndrome plagues security design in hotels and resorts, despite the use of tactics by terrorists in recent years that consistently overcome the security countermeasures in place. Page 3 of 7


Duos Technologies, Inc.

The predictability inherent in the traditional “security-in-depth” model of design, has allowed a new breed of terrorist and infiltrator to craft spectacularly successful attacks against hotels and resorts....
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