Hotel Rwanda: the Movie

Topics: Rwanda, Rwandan Genocide, Burundi Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Hotel Rwanda
The Hutu’s and Tutsi’s once lived in harmony in Central Africa. They lived as one group until the Germans sold the country to Belgium in 1916. Independence changed everything for the two denominations; the Belgians chose the Tutsi’s to lead the country because they were similar to Europeans, and the Hutu’s as farmers and other workers. The Belgians used the technique of divide and conquer to stay out of the conflicts between the two clans. The Hutu’s blamed the Tutsi’s for almost all of the problems they faced. In 1994, the president of Rwanda, who was a Hutu, was killed when his plane was shot down. Then, Tutsi rebels began killing Hutu’s. Paul’s wife Tatiana had a personal conflict of being a Tutsi, her kids were Tutsi, but her husband was Hutu. The U.N. Colonial had a personal conflict also; the members of the U.N. were not allowed to use their guns, only for self defense. Paul’s personal conflict was if he should stay with his family and abandon his hotel filled with refugees, or stay back and help the refugees and possibly dying while his family is somewhere safe. Gregois was a Hutu whose personal conflict was to decide to stay with the Hutu’s and end up dying, or side with the Tutsi’s and have a better chance of living. He was very selfish and was a betrayer. The Rwandan General’s personal conflict was determining if he should continue to help Paul and his refugees in the hotel.

I think that the U.S. did not get involved because they did not want to put the lives of the soldiers in danger because they would get killed. The U.S. soldiers just came back from fighting in Somalia, and they didn’t want to lose any more soldiers. Hotel Rwanda was a very sad movie, and it is terrible that it actually happened only 17 years ago.
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