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Hotel Rwanda

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I saw the film Hotel Rwanda and watched all of the tragic events that occurred in Rwanda during the 1990’s. Mass killings and ambushes happened along with torture of the Tutsi people. The Tutsi people were exiled because the other ethnic groups called the Hutu were killing them. The genocide started because of the death of the Rwandan president who was a Hutu. This irritated the Hutu people and they decided to blame the Tutsi people for this.

A man by the name of Paul Rusesabagina managed a hotel in Rwanda during the genocide. The hotel was called Hôtel des Mille Collines and it was located in the city of Kigali which is the capitol of Rwanda. This was a dcent sized hotel with over 100 bedrooms and had a rating of four stars. During the time of the genocide many people were already staying in the hotel, such as newsrepoters and vacationers.

Paul Felt as if he needed to use this hotel as a refugee camp and said that he would not be able to live with himself if he didn’t let people without homes in. Buses of people came in to this little spacce in the middle of a giant battlefield. The rooms filled up fast and people started living in the hallways and lobby. A chapter of the UN was stationed inside of the hotel grounds to help keep the peace and to also help with the evacuation effort. Paul did many courageuos acts during his time living in Rwanda. For example when he and his family were choosen to go on the evacuation bus he jumped off because Paul knew that he had not done all he could do to save the refugees that were stranded at the hotel. Another act was saving his family and friends by bribing the Hutu people with whatever he could find to satisfy their needs. I truly believe that a man that can save 1,268 Tutsis from being killed deserves to get the Extraordinary Person Award.

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