Hotel Rwanda

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hotel Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: April 7, 2013
After watching Hotel Rwanda, I had many emotions including confusion, frustration and gratitude. I was initially unfamiliar with tribal labels, such as Hutu of Tutsi. ‘Tribal violence’ is not discussed frequently on the western part of the globe. I was incredibly frustrated by the non-stop nagging of the supposedly officials. The officials took advantage of their power and chose to ignore the genocide. Their ignorance made them responsible for the thousands of innocent people horrendously killed. This movie made me feel grateful and blessed for living in the United States, a functioning democracy that protects human rights. There were many moments throughout Hotel Rwanda that I found hard to believe. The disrespectful and rule breaking rebels were tearing apart every piece of civilization they could find. The mass killing and destruction was very upsetting. The rebellion from the once peaceful tribes was unfathomable. Personally, the most shocking and disturbing scene was after Paul and Gregrow went to the supply locker. When they were returning home, the road became bumpy. The unsettled look across Paul’s face foreshadowed the horror that was about to appear on the screen. Paul stepped out of the truck to find thousands of bodies dispersed across the field, road and river. Visualizing the scale of people brutally murdered was unforgettable. This was completely unbelievable to understand. Thousands of people were mass murdered in the outbreak of genocide in various areas of Africa. I was stunned from the beginning when Paul stood up for his friends and family to the men invading his property. Additionally he managed to stay calm when he found half of his neighborhood in his back room. Paul’s composure and ability to bargain with the government was beyond courageous. With all of the commotion and chaos surrounding him, the number one thing on Paul’s mind was his family. He went above and beyond to protect them. Paul had the opportunity to save himself and...
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