Hotel Rooms Division

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UK accommodation sector

Hotel accommodation sector is one of the highly contributing sector in UK service sector economy. It consists thousands of hotels rooms across the country ranging from small B&B hotels rooms to most expensive hotels in the world.

The major trend in UK hotel industry is budget hotels. Budget hotels have flourished during the past decade. There are two main types of accommodation.

1. Serviced accommodation
2. Non Serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation

Serviced accommodation is where all services are provided by the accommodation provider. It includes servicing of the room, providing food and other services. This is most common type of accommodation available in most hotels. This is expensive when compare to Non serviced accommodation.

Ex: Hilton hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Marriot Hotel

Non Serviced accommodation

Non serviced accommodation is where self service style accommodation available for a cheaper rate. Rooms should be serviced by occupants and sometimes common area is shared by few people for over night stay. Cleanliness is poor and privacy is limited.

Ex: Hostels

Types of service accommodation in UK


Hotels in UK vary from B&B to most expensive luxury hotels in the world, where they mainly provide provision of accommodation with food and beverage service. All the world renowned hotels in the world can be found in UK accommodation sector including UK origin most expensive hotel in the world. Facilities ranging from accommodation, food and beverage, room services, conference facilities and etc.

Examples: Lanes borough London, Langrof hotels, Hilton hotels, Holiday Inn

Luxury Apartment Hotels

Luxury apartment hotels are popular among business travellers who stay considerable amount of time in a one place until end of the contracts. These apartments are equipped with all facilities including office space, kitchen, and conference facilities.

Holidays Villages

Holiday villages are located outside cities near attraction where people can stay over and enjoy the attractions. These types of accommodation are not very common as it is in holiday destinations but there are few holiday villages in theme park. Ex: Alton Towers Holiday village


Hostels are very common accommodation facility among back packers and students travellers who spend overnight until they go off to their next destination. This is a cheap type of self style accommodation where few inmates share one big hall type space for accommodation purposes. Hostels were very common way of accommodation until early 8o’ are located in every city through out UK but not functioning well due cleanliness and privacy issues.


Cruises operate one destination to another carrying passengers on a leisure trip providing accommodation and food and beverages services plus many other facilities to enjoy them selves within the ship it self. Many facilities can be found including theatres, shopping malls, tennis courts, swimming pools and gambling places and many more to keep you occupy. Apart from that cruises are birthed in many ports so guests can explore cities around the port.

Types of Hotels in UK

There are many types of hotels can be found in UK accommodation sector they are as follows.

1. Bed and Breakfast hotels
2. Budget hotel
3. City Centre hotels
4. Boutique hotels
5. Airport hotels
6. All suite hotels
7. Resorts
8. Motels
9. Botels
10. Country side hotels

Types of facility they offer

1. Bed and Breakfast hotels

Bed and breakfast hotels are the most common type of hotels in UK.There are many bed and breakfast hotels can be found outside main cities in every small town. Most of them are operated as a family owned business with small number of rooms given with limited facilities.

2. Budget Hotels

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