Hotel Rooms Division

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Remarks : . 1 reception manager – No Accommodation Manager

. 2 operations managers which are : - One in charge of the Accommodation (Housekeeping, Reservation, Reception, Conciergerie and Maintenance)
- One in charge of F&B (+ administrative tasks and finance of the department)

. Medium-size structure so no assistant for the reception manager for the moment especially with the “economic recession”. There was one before and maybe there will be one afterwards but they need to adapt themselves to the conjuncture.

. Moreover, 2 on 3 brigades supervisor are pregnant !

. They try to have some interns all along the year.


In 1 ½ year, only 2 employees left. One for Australia (always been a trend) and the second one for Argentina. One reason could be thanks to a very good management and people want to stay, but more seriously, because of the conjuncture nobody knows what is going to happen and so there is no budget for the recruitment. If you look the people who left, this is not for a better job with better conditions in Paris for example.

Staffing management during the recession

Recruitment is stopped so they try to deal with flexibility, take some “forced holidays or RTT” when the activity is low and try to adapt the working hours. But anyway, the activity is different and low concerning revenue, indeed the ARR is very low compared to one year before, but it did not mean that the hotels are empty. Except on August, during which period it was difficult for all the hotels in Paris in terms of occupancy, the activity is still high especially on September and October, thanks to a lot of fashion periods, shows and exhibitions in Paris

Average Prices

The economic situation has an impact of course on the prices and the hotels adapt themselves. For example, seminaries, holidays offered to the employees, etc...all the incentives made by the companies are now done in intern or the companies are really negotiating the prices. Or simply they are choosing some hotels of a low standard or outside from Paris.

Efforts that you are doing on prices, and how to justify when you will put them up after the crisis?

The Front Office is not managing and fixing the prices at all. The Yield department is doing this job. But, of course they are doing some efforts today, try to adapt to internet offers, to the competition and on the demand. Nowadays, the ARR is about 270€, but it could be 240€ in December, which is huge! (do the calculation with the number of rooms, months, etc...)

Delegation, responsibility of the staff

Not at all, it is a little-medium structure and in addition to the 2 brigades supervisor pregnant, the team is understaffed so he is not doing some additional responsibilities or tasks to his staff. They do not have the time and have to concentrate on their “principal” job. So, he is doing some efforts on his working hours! + he does not have the time to train and teach.

Ideally, a problem should be solved immediately but most of the time the problem is too important, the amount concerned is too important too, and he is not delegating to the staff. Neither a receptionist, neither an apprentice, neither an intern could make a discount or an upgrading. Usually, they call him and he is doing, immediately or asap, the upgrading, discount, VIP treatment when the guest is coming back….

Clientele and Atmosphere of the Hotel

A lot of senators and deputies, government people, stars like Gerard Depardieu who is a regular guest, and generally speaking the clientele is very artistic like writers, actors and intellectual clientele . Janet Jackson is a regular guest and she loves it because she feels very good, nobody is paying attention, it is like normal to cross here in the hotel, so she really like it! This is a strength of the hotel. Particularity of the “Rive Gauche”. 35% of French people which is very...
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