Hotel Reservation System

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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1. Create a new Windows application named Hotel Reservation. 2. Drag a label onto the form and set its text to Hotel Reservation Form. 3. Set the font size to 14.
4. Set the font to bold.
5. Set the TextAlign property to MiddleCenter.
6. Drag a check box onto the form and name it chkVIP.
7. Set its background color to Green and its text to VIP Customer. 8. Drag a group box onto the form, and set its text to Room Type. 9. Drag a radio button onto the group form, set its name to rbSingle, and its text to Single. 10. Drag a second radio button onto the group form, set its name to rbDouble and its text to Double. 11. Drag a third radio button onto the group form, set its name to rbSuite, and set its text to Suite. 12. Use the format menu choice to make all three radio buttons the same size, align their left borders, and set their vertical spacing to equal. 13. Resize the group to fit the radio buttons and set the background color ofthe group to Cornflower blue. 14. Drag a checkedListBox onto the form and set its name to clbFeatures. 15. Click on the Items property and add the following features:

Color TV
On-Demand Movies
In-Room Wet Bar
Free Breakfast
Free Lunch
Free Meals
Late checkout
Early check in
16. Set the Sorted property to true and watch the list sort itself. 17. Set the background color to a pleasing pastel.
18. Add a button named btnBook and set its text to Book Reservations. Stretch the button to fit.
19. Set the button’s background color to red, set its forecolor to yellow, and set its font to bold. 20. Drag a label onto the form. Set its name to lblOutput and its text to blank. Your form should now look more or less like Figure

21. Double-click on the Book Reservations button to open the event handler. Create a string to hold the output:
string output = "Your reservation...\n";
22. Check if the VIP Customer check box is checked, if so modify the...
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