Hotel Reservation System

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Every business organization has tasks that should be carried out to arrive at its objective. This task has to be done not just effectively but also, efficiently. To be effective means to achieve results, to make the right decisions and successfully carry them out so that they achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. To be efficient means to use the resources, people, money, raw materials and the like wisely.

Since the dawn of the computer age, people have turned to innovations brought about by technology to make their work faster and more efficient. Businesses of all sizes make use of computer based information systems because of its great benefits to improve efficiency of business transaction and easy access and retrieval of records. Not only does this kind of technology improve their daily routine and processes, but also boost their daily business transactions, communications and general operations. Also, the use of this technology will improve company’s competence in delivering their services to their market which gives them an edge over other establishments in the same field. The result is less time spent on tasks, efficient use of resources thus, increasing the business revenue.

The study aims to develop a computerized hotel accommodation and reservation and billing system at Amethyst Econotel to improve efficiency of its daily business transactions and record keeping thus, enhancing the quality of service for its guests. This chapter will cover the background of the company and the problems that confront the company in relation to operations.

Amethyst Econotel, owned by Mr. and Mrs. LeoniloRegalado San Juan, was established on May 13, 2011. It is situated in Amethyst Road Balibago Complex, Santa Rosa City, Laguna. The hotel is one kilometer away from the amusement park Enchanted Kingdom, three kilometers away from The Santa Rosa Technopark, and is an hour’s drive from Manila City. It is a four-storey building with fifty-five (55) rooms all fitted with tiled flooring, simply furnished rooms, air conditioning, cable TV, and telephones connected to the receptionist at the ground floor. Private bathrooms come with shower facilities and toiletries.They feature a 24-hour front desk and security. They also provide luggage storage, laundry and massage services and complimentary parking. They also house a snack bar, and offer breakfast at an additional charge. 1.2STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Since the hotel has just been built, the management uses the manual system of tracking time-in of customers checking in and keeping records. Customers choose important considerations in choosing a place to stay like location, price/value and service. These are the primary basis of customers to be attracted to the business. Since the researchers found out that manual procedure is still used in processing their billing and reservation transactions, it greatly affects the customer’s needs and the efficiency of the service of the hotel. Employees are also having a hard time checking the availability of the rooms, time ending of each customer and which rooms are yet to be checked clean. Since the hotel keeps a manual system, they maintain a storage room for the records and files of customers which takes up space in their hotel and makes it hard and time consuming for them to retrieve old records when needed.

The manual system of Amethyst Econotel holds back the improvement and expansion of the business. SPECIFIC PROBLEMS
1.The hotel billing statement does not provide specific or detailed information regarding the customer’s payment or charges. 2.Slow processing of accommodation and difficulty in checking room availability. 3.Space consuming storage for customer files and records.

To replace the manual system of hotel reservation, accommodation and customer record keeping by Amethyst Econotel....
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