Hotel Reservation System

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Chapter 1


Maria Cristina hotel is one of the most preferred hotels in the heart of Iligan City. It is located at the center of the city, near the public plaza. This hotel has a vintage appeal to it, boasting as the oldest hotel in Iligan City. It accommodates visitors with air conditioned rooms, hot and cold running water, and restaurant-coffee shop. The banquet halls can accommodate 500, 150 and 60 persons for private parties, wedding receptions, conferences, seminars, etc. several nights of the week; it offers special evening entertainment in one of the hotel’s restaurant – a perfect place to relax after an active day sightseeing.

However, Maria Cristina hotel still adopts the manual reservation system. The employee shift change problem is the main problem due to its manual system. When reservation is made, the customer will be asked for an initial deposit of P50. And the initial deposit is non-refundable when you cancel a reservation. When reservation is made, there is a chance of a null reservation because when the employee assignment changes, the next employee assigned for the reservation might not notice the reservation made by the last employee assigned.

The purpose of this study is to automate and replace the manual process of reservation. Automated system will make the life of the employees and customers easier. For the transactions between the hotel employee and its customer is through a computerized system. It is a lot faster and easy to use than transacting with the use of paper. The proposed system will make the system of Maria Cristina hotel be modernized. It can make them compete with the other progressive hotels especially with the use of technology.

Statement of the Problem
Based on the research conducted, the researchers found out the problem of this study are: * Time consuming
* Employee shift change error
* Initial deposit cannot be refunded when cancellation of...
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