Hotel Reservation System

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With the growing competition in the hospitality industry, the need for effective and efficient management of the hotels, motels, and lodges is being felt by their owners. Hotel reservation software is truly a boon for the hoteliers looking to provide 100% customer satisfaction with less effort. The software will not only help automate the process of reservation in hotels, but also help the management perform their function efficiently. Whether it is making reservations, bookings, billing or keeping track of customer data, the hotel reservation system provides everything with just a few mouse clicks. This software is principally created to suite the requirement of hotel management and can be easily installed and manipulated according to the specific needs of the hotel. Software for hotels primarily runs on Windows, but can be developed to suite user requirements. The functions performed by such software include room reservations, bookings, customer check in and checkout, integrated statement for all customers and hotel billing. The most prominent software being the hotel reservation system which features dedicated room booking and reservation utilities. The hotel software can be employed in front desk department, housekeeping department, reservation department and accounts department of any hotel for proper organization of the hotel activities and day-to-day operations. This capability offers a wide range of adaptability that will satisfy both the customers and hotel personnel.

Background of the Problem

Hotels are independently processed by a traditional system and all this relies heavily on the facilities. We notice that some of the hotel is still using manual reservation. They process the data or information of the customer manually. The study will emphasize the effects of using manual reservation and how online reservation will enhance the operational efficiency of hotels....
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