Hotel Rawanda

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Rwanda, Hutu Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Hotel Rwanda


This movie is about the genocide in Rwanda. The main character is Paul Rusesabagina who is part of the Hutus, his wife Tatiana who is from the Tutsi ethnic group and their three children. Since the man was a Hutu and his wife was a Tutsi his marriage made him a traitor to the Hutus rebel groups, but he had connections with the military. This movie is based on the civil war between these two ethnic groups in which the Tutsis were targeted .

Paul Rusesabagina, the manager of the Milles Collines Hotel made the hotel into a refugee camp. Although he was Hutu , people looked at him for leadership because he was the only man refugees can count on to protect them from the rebel groups. More and more people started to come to the hotel because the UN forces could not support a substantial amount of people. The UN Peacekeeping forces, led by Colonel Oliver, are unable to take action against the Hutu Rebels because they are not allowed intervene in the genocide. Oliver attempts to protect the Tutsi refugees and his anger grows with the Western powers because they do not care about Rwanda. On top of everything that was going on Paul had to keep the reputation of a high class hotel to divert the Hutu rebels. The UN attempts to evacuate the refugees but they fail because of the rebel forces trying to stop them.

To try to save the refugees, Paul speaks to the Rwandan Army General, Augustin Bizimungu, and blackmails him with threats of being tried as a war criminal. Bizimungu agrees to help and they return to the hotel. When they return the hotel is being under attack. Bizimungu's troops try to stop the attack while Paul looked for his family thinking they had killed themselves. Paul eventually finds them hiding in the bathroom. The family and the refugees leave the hotel in UN trucks and they travel through people leaving who are homeless Hutu refugees who try reach safety behind Tutsi rebel lines. In the final scene, Paul finds his two...
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