Hotel Organisation

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Hotel Organisation

I. Hotel divisions.

Organisational Missions

Every organisation has a reason or purpose to exist. Its purpose forms the basis for the organisation’s mission. An organisation’s mission can be expressed in a mission statement. A mission statement defines the unique purpose that sets one hotel or hotel company apart from others. It expresses the underlying philosophy that gives meaning and direction to hotel policies. Hotel employees may derive a sense of purpose from a well-conceived mission statement. For example, a hotel's mission may be to provide the finest facilities and services in the market while providing a good place to work for its employees and a reasonable return on investment to the owners. A hotel's mission statement should address the interests of its three main constituent groups: guests, management, and employees. First, a hotel's mission statement should address the basic needs and expectations of the hotel's guests. Regardless of a hotel's size or service level, it is safe to assume all guests have the following basic expectations: safe, secure accommodations, clean, comfortable guestroom, courteous, professional and friendly service, well-maintained facilities and equipment. Second, a hotel’s mission should reflect its management philosophy. it guides managers in their jobs by identifying the property’s basic values. Third the mission statement can serve as a basic for job descriptions and performance standards and as an introduction to the property for new employees.

Answer the questions.
1. What forms the basis for the organisation’s mission ?
2. How can an organisation’s mission can be expressed?
3. What does a mission statement define and express?
4. Whose interests should a hotel’s mission statement address? 5. What are the main basic expectations of the guests?

The Front Office. The front office is the most visible department in a hotel. Front office personnel have more contact with guests than do staff in most other departments. The front desk is usually the focal point of activity for the front office and is prominently located in the hotel’s lobby. Guests come to the front desk to register, to receive room assignments, to inquire about available services, facilities, and the city or surrounding area and to check out. The front desk often serves as the hotel control centre for guest requests concerning housekeeping or engineering issues. In addition, it may also be a base of operation during emergency, such as a fire or a guest injury. The functions of the front office are to: sell guestrooms, register guests, and assign guest rooms; co-ordinate guest service; provide information about the hotel, the surrounding community, and any attractions or events of interest to guests; maintain accurate room status and room key inventories; maintain guest accounts and monitor credit limits; produce guest account statements and complete proper financial settlement. Other front office function include receiving and distributing mail, messages and faxes, as well as guest cashiering. Cashiers post charges and payments to guest accounts, all of which are later verified during an account auditing procedure often called the night audit. Front desk personnel also verify outstanding accounts receivable, and produce daily reports for management.

Answer the questions.
1. Why is the front office the most visible department in a hotel? 2. Why do guests come to the front desk?
3. How does the front desk often serves?
4. What are the main functions of the front office?
5. What do other front office function include?

Reservations. More than half of all hotel guests make reservations. These individuals arrange for hotel accommodations through such means as direct telephone lines; hotel sales representatives; travel agencies; property-to-property networks; postal delivery; telex and fax; and other communications services. Every lodging property has its own way of...
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