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Executive Summary
The report will conduct the operations and performance of Blue Horizontal Hotel, which is a traditional hotel and located on the seafront. In this report, there are three main sections. The first section, the report would demonstrate objectives, strategies and outcomes in the past three years. This section shows a clear result and review of operation in the last three years, which could give some valuable propositions for the development of Blue Horizontal Hotel in future. The second section would cover the financial analysis of last three years such as total hotel revenue and total net income. The financial report plays a significant role in the operation of the hotel, which is not only a summary of the hotel’s performance, also can be used to plan and set goals for upcoming time. After the analysis of finance, a business plan for year 4 would be given in this report which is based on a SWOT analysis of Blue Horizontal Hotel. The business plan would illustrate the market, service quality and staffing, which can give a clear direction to the Hotel. Moreover, the objective for year 4 also would be indicated in this part, which can give a direction to Blue Horizontal Hotel to identify the strategies.

Table of Contents
2.Overview of Business Plan for the Last three years5
2.1. Mission Statement5
2.2. Year 1: First year after takeover5
2.2.1 Objectives5
2.2.2. Strategies6
2.2.3. Outcomes7
2.3. Year 2: Second year of operation8
2.3.1. Objectives8
2.3.2. Strategies8
2.3.3. Outcomes9
2.4. Year 3: Final year of operation9
2.4.1. Objectives9
2.4.2. Strategies10
2.4.3. Outcomes10
3.Financial Analysis of the last three years10
3.1.Total hotel revenue and total net income11
3.2. Rooms department revenue and total net income11
3.3.Food and beverage departments revenue and total net income12 3.4.Other departments revenue and total net income13
3.5. ROCE13
3.6. Occupancy and ADR14
3.7. ADR and Revpar14
3.8. Refurbishment spending and occupancy15
3.9. Monthly indicators report15
4.Business Plan for Year 416
4.1. SWOT: Assessment of current industry environment16
4.1.1. Current strengths and weaknesses of Blue Horizontal hotel16 4.1.2. Current opportunities and threats in the market17
4.2. Objectives:18
4.3. Strategies:19
4.3.1. Corporate Market19
4.3.2. Leisure Market19
4.3.3. Other market segments19
4.3.4. Cost control20
4.3.5. Service quality20
4.3.6. Staffing21
4.3.7. Physical property condition21
5.Reference List22

1. Introduction
The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the operating and results of Blue Horizontal Hotel over last three years. The objectives are to analyse the goals, strategic decisions, and outcomes for each year. A SWOT analysis of the macro and micro environment of Blue Horizontal Hotel is also an objective of this report, which mainly focused on strength, weakness of the Hotel and opportunities and threats of external environment. According to the results of the previously operating and SWOT analysis, a clear business plan for year 4 would be illustrated in this report. The business plans would summary the current environment and reduce strategic mistakes to establish a sustainable competitive advantage for Blue Horizontal Hotel in the next year.

2. Overview of Business Plan for the Last three years

2.1. Mission Statement
Blue Horizontal Hotel, founded in the 1950s as a traditional 3 star hotel, aimed to provide a wide range high quality service and products to customers through professtional, qualified and trained staffs. The customers needs and wants would be satisified when they have a experience in Bule Horizontal Hotel.

2.2. Year 1: First year after takeover

2.2.1 Objectives
There were many objectives in the first year, which could be divided into two sections. First section was some specific objectives. * To achieve 35% average room...
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