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General Direction: Any forms of Erasures are considered invalid.

Test I. Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer, write your answer on the blank provided before each number.

_____ 1. These are signs that tell a woman is really pregnant. A. Positive SignB. Negative signC. Provable sign
_____ 2. This is characterized by a delay of ten or more days in a woman regular menstrual cycle. A. HemorrhageB. ToxemiaC. Amenorrhea
_____ 3. This well known symptoms will often show up between two and eight weeks. A. Nausea/Morning sicknessB. FlatulenceC. Legcramp
_____ 4. This is pregnancy symptoms which may begin as early as one to two weeks. A. BackacheB. ItchingC. Swollen/Tender
_____ 5. This is what is usually refers to as morning sickness. A. ConstipationB. VomitingC. Backache
_____ 6. This is a painful burning in the chest, caused by indigestion. A. FlatulenceB. Heart BurnC. Constipation
_____ 7. This is the difficulty in emptying the vowels due to the pressure of the growing fetus. A. ConstipationB. ItchingC. Dizziness
_____ 8.This is too much gas in the stomach or vowels.
A. Vaginal DischargeB. Vaginal WallC. Flatulence
_____ 9.This is due to the rising upward movement of the enlargement of the fetus. A. Shortness of BreathB. FertilizationC. Hemorrhage
_____ 10. This is a dull pain in the back.
A. BackacheB. ToxemiaC. Rubella
_____ 11.This happen when there is interference with the return flow of blood in the feet and legs. A. TubalB. Varicose veinsC. Ovarian
_____ 12. It is a small hallow in the center of the body. A. HoleB. NavelC. None of the above
_____ 13. This is sticky, slimy liquid produced as protective covering of membranes. A. Salivab. MucusC. Phlegm
_____ 14. Feed the baby from mammary glands.
A. ImmunizationB. Breast FeedingC. Expectant Mother
_____ 15. This is the external sexual organ.
A. GenetaliaB. MucusC. Skin
_____ 16. It is a protection against the diseases.
A. AmmunizationB. ImmunizationC. Both A&B
_____ 17. This is the best possible way of meeting the infants’ nutritional needs. A. Breast FeedingB. eating Nutritious FoodC. None of the above
_____ 18. This reverts to the normal during the first two weeks. A. Cardio Vascular diseaseB. Cardio vascular SystemC. None of the above
_____ 19. This is initially swollen, bluish and pouting. A. Vaginal DiscahargeB. Vaginal WallC. None of the above
_____ 20. This is a certain degree of bleeding that occurs after delivery. A. Vaginal DischargeB. Vaginal WallC. Both A&B
_____ 21. This may occur due to hormonal changes of the body. A. Stretch MarkB. Hair LossC. None of the above
_____ 22. These are not permanent. The skin will go back to normal. A. HairlossB. Stretch MarkC. none of the above

_____ 23. These are food that are rich in carbohydrates.
A. Go FoodB. Glow FoodC. Grow Food
_____ 24. These are kitchen utensilsused to grate food into fine strips or crumbs. A. CutleryB. GratersC. Cutting boards
_____ 25. This refers to any hand implements used in preparing and serving food. A. LadlesB. CutleryC. Frying Pan
_____ 26. These are used to measure the amount of ingredients either liquid or dry when cooking. A. Measuring CupsB. Measuring spoonsC. Mixing bowl
_____ 27. These are kitchen utensils used primarily to measure the volume of liquid or powder form cooking ingredients such as water, milk,...
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