Hotel Management System

Topics: Data flow diagram, Software testing, Software development Pages: 46 (7043 words) Published: September 8, 2012
An Overview
Mission of the Project
Background Study
The Organization Profile
Study on Existing System

Study on Proposed System
Defining the problem
Developing Solution Strategies
User Requirement Specification
Software Requirement Specification
System Specification
Application Specification
Hardware Specification
Software Specification
Network Specification
Cost Estimation and Scheduling
Final Outline of the Proposed System

3.1 Fundamental Design Concepts
3.2 Design Notations
3.2.1. Structure Chart
3.2.2. Data Flow Diagram
3.2.3 .ER Diagram
3.3 Design Process
3.3.1 Database Design
3.3.2 Input Design
3.3.3 Output Design
3.4 Development Approach

4.1. Testing
4.1.1 Testing Methodologies
4.2. Quality Assurance
4.2.1. Generic risks
4.2.2. Security Technologies & Policies
4.3. System Implementation
4.3.1. Implementation Procedures
4.2.2 User Manual
4.3 System Maintenance

5.1 Scope for Future Enhancement
5.2 Bibliography

1. Input Design
2. Out Design
3. Sample Source


1. An Overview
Hotel Management System is a software system where the management of entire hotel is computerized. The hotel management system is designed using visual as the rich GUI for front end and MS-Access as the secured backend database.

In this project the details are maintained like customer details, reservation details, Booking details and billing details The reservation process of reserving rooms for the customers, canceling the reserved rooms, booking the rooms , vacating the rooms, the restaurant management, billing process, etc all are computerized and the management is done without any difficulty.

The reports can be viewed completely and the head of the management daily or weekly or monthly can review it. For company auditing it will be more useful. This Proposed System will be interactive, faster and user-friendly for the end users. Using the hotel management system, the following activities can be performed.

o Booking or reservations of the rooms

o Cancellation of the rooms

o Cash billing

o Room service / Restaurant service

o Restaurant billing

o Total billing

o Travels arrangement

1.2. Mission of the Project

The mission is to to facilitate easy management and administration of a hotel with capabilities to do Booking or reservations of the rooms, Cancellation of the rooms, Cash billing, Room service, Restaurant service, Restaurant billing, Total billing, Travels arrangement etc. using the automated hotel management software. One can keep detailed records or info on an unlimited amount of customers.The system lets the user know which all rooms are available for occupancy at any point of time. This makes the booking considerably faster. And thus helps the hotel in better management and reduce a lot of paper work as well as manpower.

1.3. Background Study
1.3.1. The Organization Profile
N Solutions is an emerging provider of IT development solutions, servicing customers nationwide.The ability of N Solutions to anticipate future technological requirements and capabilities is vital to the success of their business and that of their clients. The objective of N Solutions is to work, communicate and support...
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