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Hotel Front Office – Medium Size Hotel
Kyle Beers
August 15, 2010
Prof. Israel Johnson

Hotel Front Office – Medium Size Hotel

How is the front office important to a hotel?
The front office of any sized hotel is the brain of the operation. The front office concludes of employees and departments that make the hotel functional. Front office employees, such as front desk employees, make reservations via phone, check-in/check-out guests, address all guest questions, and suggest activities to guests that are vacationing to the area. The front office also is home to the night auditor, a position within the hotel that is extremely important to successfully manage revenue from the previous day. The night auditor collects daily profits from the day before, plus through the night, and projects the data into spreadsheets that the front office manager and higher management can review and determine their financial goals (Axia College, 2010). Which department is most important to the success of the front office and why?

I believe the front desk is the most crucial department located within the front office because of the constant interaction with guests and vendors. The front desk is the area in which guests arrive at when first coming to the hotel. The front desk employees greet the guests and ensure them a relaxing stay while located on the premise of the hotel. Although the front desk is an important department, I also believe that the night auditors position is fairly as important considering the financial means of the hotel rely on his or her work to be as accurate as possible for management to make timely and correct business decisions (Axia College, 2010). How might the front office in a small/medium size hotel differ from the front office in a large hotel?

Hotels that are labeled small to medium size differ in front office size with those of large hotels mainly by employee-guest ratio, specific department, and various guest accommodations....
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