Hotel Management

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A hotel manager is a person who manages a hotel, a motel, or a resort. This position’s responsibilities and duties vary according to the size of the hotel or resort, as large hotels tend to require more management than small ones. Many people love going to hotels, they like pampering themselves with all kinds of services that a hotel offers. Services include fast room services, relaxing spa, clean swimming pool, good restaurant, and many other facilities. A lot of people do not know how the process of providing these facilities goes. Although it is true that hotel management is a fun job, but it definitely requires enormous hard work. Hotel management concentrates on work activities, competition activities, and customers’ satisfaction. Hotel management greatly focuses on work activities. Work activities involve setting the instructions and regulations for employees and customers; which is very important as it shows discipline and adds elegance to the hotel. Smoking and non-smoking rooms is a fair example for rules that applies on customers. Many managers set this rule and charge the customer if he or she break this rule. Managers set rules for employees as well, and any kind of dereliction will cause the employee to be dismissed, some of these rules ban stealing hotel equipment, insulting the customers, cheating in any way, etc. An Equally important point is modern technology. Computers, communication devices, land automated machines are all forms of technology that had entirely changed hotel management and its operations, and it will continue to have a major effect on hotels (O’Fallon & Rutherford, 2010). These machines have rapidly speeded up the work, from saving files and record to cleaning and cooking. Without these machines work will take a long time to be done. Furthermore, managing and conserving the hotel’s facilities is also a part of management work activities (Duties of a Hotel and Motel Manager, nd). The services that are been provided by the...
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