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Hotel manager: Job description
A hotel manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of a hotel and its staff. They have commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management, planning, organizing and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (reception, concierge, and reservations), food and beverage operations and housekeeping. In larger hotels, managers often have a specific remit (guest services, accounting, and marketing) and make up a general management team. While taking a strategic overview and planning ahead to maximize profits, the manager must also pay attention to the details, setting the example for staff to deliver a standard of service and presentation that meets guests' needs and expectations. Business and people management are equally important elements. Typical work activities

Typical work activities vary depending on the size and type of hotel, but may include: * planning and organizing accommodation, catering and other hotel services; promoting and marketing the business; * managing budgets and financial plans as well as controlling expenditure; * maintaining statistical and financial records;

* setting and achieving sales and profit targets;
* analyzing sales figures and devising marketing and revenue management strategies; * recruiting, training and monitoring staff;
* planning work schedules for individuals and teams;
* meeting and greeting customers;
* dealing with customer complaints and comments;
* addressing problems and troubleshooting;
* ensuring events and conferences run smoothly;
* supervising maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings; * dealing with contractors and suppliers;
* ensuring security is effective;
* carrying out inspections of property and services;
* ensuring compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and other statutory regulations. The manager of a large hotel may have less contact with guests but will have regular meetings with heads of department to coordinate and monitor the progress of business strategies. In a smaller establishment, the manager is much more involved in the hands-on day-to-day running of the hotel, which may include carrying out reception duties or serving meals if the need arises. A significant number of hotel managers are self-employed, which often results in a broader set of regular responsibilities, from greeting guests to managing finances.


Job Title:
Food and Beverage Manager

Place of Work:
A hotel

Scope and General Purpose:
To supervise and control all catering outlets in a hotel to the required standards, within agreed budgetary limits and parameters of the law, particularly liquor law.

Responsible to:
General Manager

Responsible for:
All restaurant, room service, banqueting, stores and back of the house staff. (In some cases the Head Chef will also report to the Food and Beverage Manager).

Liaises with:
Head Chef
Front of House Manager
Security Manager
Personnel Manager
Maintenance Manager

Limits of Authority:
According to each establishment

Main Duties:
To ensure the prompt and efficient service of all meals, snacks, functions and beverages to the required standards.
To ensure that profit margins are maintained, agreed costs are not exceeded through effective control systems, including issuing against dockets, sales analysis, menu costings and cash checks.

To ensure that restaurants and cloakrooms are clean and well maintained, that table appointments, including flower arrangements are impeccable.
To ensure that waiters are always correctly and smartly dressed, that they offer professional and courteous service to their customers.
To ensure that bars and cloakrooms are clean and stocked with the...
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